Tammy Lynn Sytch – Sunny Side Up (14 Pics + GIF & Sex Video)

Watch Tammy Lynn Sytch’s sex video “Sunny Side Up” for Vivid (2016). Tammy Lynn Sytch is an American professional wrestler and manager, best known for her performances in the 1990s for the WWF (WWE) under nickname Sunny. Born: December 7, 1972.

She was popular in the ring, but showed off her great ability in porn too. Classic, anal sex… it’s perfect celebrity sex tape! All truly…



28 thoughts on “Tammy Lynn Sytch – Sunny Side Up (14 Pics + GIF & Sex Video)

  1. Gotcha

    She waited until she was a has-been and out of shape before she decide to do real porn and not that halfass naked semi lesbian shit she was doing

    Bitch look 20 years older than what she is

  2. WWE Fan

    I agree if she did this back in 1997, she could have made millions. She probably got paid a few grand and a few lines of coke for this crap…

      1. M.Miller

        exactly and plus he has to jump when wife tells him to because we all know if he doesn’t she’ll tell her daddy on him. Lets face it he doesn’t wear the pants in the family BUT he does where her panties….PIPEBOMB! To quote CM Punk

    1. Jebus

      No, because it’s different. She’s already in the HoF. The problem with Chyna is she gets announced as going in and the porn history comes up.

      But hey, keep thinking you look like a cool dude because you know his name. Fucktard.

  3. CM Geek

    It’s even less sexy cos she’s clearly drunk and or high and can’t take direction. Dude actually has to pin her down to get the job done.

    1. Benjamin Church

      LMAO! If this is the real Conrad (hell, even if it isn’t), you’ve won the internet for today. Nice work sir.

    1. Jack

      And guess you need a psychiatrist assistance, that’s not something to be proud of or to even comment about. Anyway boy, have a good day.

  4. Jack

    Whatever some of you say guys, nobody has the right to classify her by such job now think if you were in her shoes, it’s easy to blame somebody not knowing anything about the reason it could be money which make somebody have such a job for a time. Anyway, at a time you gonna understand that.

  5. Dong-hold Rump

    In America she is considered a great beauty, almost on the same level as Daniella Westbrook is in the UK.

  6. Logan’s

    She has nothing to do with wrestling . Currently in jail after 3 dwi 10 rehabs
    Does private Skype sessions, she even does a piss show for anyone paying

  7. Jace

    Hard to believe she once turned down Playboy cause she didn’t wanna do nudes and found it too risque.


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