Rihanna Sexy (6 Photos + Videos)

Rihanna presents her new lingerie line, Savage X Fenty. The 30-year-old singer shared some candid photos and videos for promotion on Instagram.


But, as often happens, photos look attractive in social networks, but at the presentation of the collection in New York, fans didn’t like Rihanna’s figure.


15 thoughts on “Rihanna Sexy (6 Photos + Videos)

    1. Champagne

      She has a busy program with PUMA association and many charitable programs, anyway she would not need you to pump her a baby but rather you would need her to pump you some money, that’s the truth… Teens and that greedy jealousy… Also, there’s a much better solution you could ask your wife if you really think of a baby 🙂

    1. Wanna

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  1. LuLu

    kinda wanted to do her when she was petite

    then she dated that uglass arab that liked busty chicks, so she got busty

    now i can smell fish everytime i see her

    1. Shanele

      Such nonsense aspirations, do you realize which words you were supposed to choose before you address to a such name of this music bizz, not because she would be mad cause of such worthless comments from teens like your sir but actually if you browsed here and then you thought to leave a comm at least you should knew being polite. also rather you might think at your boo to address romantic words enjoy your summer days.

    1. sunny days

      What a smart ass joke, should we laugh sarcasm have nowadays… Also be sure to check the ” whore ” meaning from a dex cause it’s fine to be such confused good dare you good Sunny Days.


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